ASUS CUV4X Motherboard


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Rating: Excellent!


I bought this board because it takes 370 or FC-PGA chips and has a 133 front side bus. It is a fantastic board with lots of bus speeds, 4 USB ports, and a Windows based BIOS flash so you can’t mess up a DOS one like i have before.

My Celeron FC-PGA OEM chip did 850 right out of the box with a Golden Orb cooler. The CPU temperature never exceeds 32 C, it usually hovers around 29 C.

With this board and Celeron chip I have a computer that runs as good as a Pentium III 733 and the cost was $92 for chip, $119 for the board and $13 for the cooler. We are talking about a bit over $200 for a real fast computer.

I rate it as excellent for this combo, and recommend it to anyone looking for a great deal. This board can take a Pentium III 800 + for future upgrades. Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions.

Submitted by: Marv Nichols

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