ATI Radeon Video Card


I recently replaced my Leadtek Geforce 2 GTS card with a new 64meg Ati Radeon. While the GTS was the fastest card available, the 2D could have been a little better.

The Radeon was a piece of cake to install, I had downloaded the latest drivers ahead of time. As soon as the drivers were installed, I noticed how sharp the 2D was. I used to have a G400 Matrox, which had the sharpest 2D I had ever seen. The Radeon is every bit as sharp as that G400 was. The text is sharp and clear on my P815 21″ Viewsonic monitor.

The Radeon is not quite as fast as the GF2, (my 3D Mark scores dropped a little), but the image quality more than makes up for the slight speed drop. The Radeon is no slouch however, it is faster than the V5 5500 that I had.

The DVD playback is absolutely perfect in both Win98SE and W2K Pro with the included software DVD player.

All of my games work great, the colors are richer and brighter than with any other card. I keep noticing details in games that I never noticed before. I had a problem at first getting Porsche Unleashed to work in 32-bit color, but it is a known problem and the fix is on the ATI web site. The image quality is so nice, it makes games more enjoyable to play.

Mine is the VIVO model. It has video in/out and TV out. I don’t use the TV out, and I use a Firewire card for video in, so I don’t need these features, but some people will love them.

I have changed video cards quite a lot lately, but I think this one is going to stay in my system for a long time. I love the features, and the image quality is outstanding. This card has the image quality of the G400 Matrox combined with 3D speed comparable with all the fastest cards available today.

Submitted by: John M.

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