Palit Daytona GeForce3 Ti200

Date: December 29th, 2001


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This card was purchased at a MarketPro Computer Show here in Tampa,FL. from a Florida vendor – BTW – This vendor has an excellent email special list. I’ve been very impressed with some of the one’s he’s had recently. The price paid was $179.95. Imagine a GF3 for under $200. Who woulda thunk it? The card was for a new system for my SOP. The system is based around an Athlon1700XP proc and 512Mb Crucial RAM.

The chipset used in this card is identical to the one in a regular GeForce3, except the clock and memory speeds are set a nudge lower. A regular GeForce3 has clock/memory speeds of 200/460, while the GeForce3 Ti200’s are set at 175/400. Why would anyone want to buy a lower clocked GF3 when you can buy a faster one for about $50 more? Because these GeForce3 Ti200’s are easily overclockable up to and beyond the regular GF3’s #s! There are numerous proggies available from many of the manufacturers and others to do the oc’ing, if you feel the need. The memory on the card we bought is 4.0ns. It’s very overclockable.

I initially used the drivers from the CD-ROM included with the card for the WinME partition. The WinXP partition appeared to do well with drivers right from Windows XP Home, but I quickly replaced both with the current 21.83 drivers from nVidia’s website. I ran MadOnion’s 3D Mark 2001 and was nicely surprised with the 6751 score. That was with no overclocking to any of the system components.

The install of this card was smooth as silk in both WinME and WinXP Home. This is one kick-butt AGP card at a very reasonable price.

Submitted by: mickster

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