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I recently built a new, fairly high-end system with a 1.33Ghz Tbird and 256MB PC2100 RAM. I bought a Kyro2 to see how they performed and I was VERY disappointed. I called the supplier and got an RMA and ordered a Cardexpert/Gainward GeForce3 PowerPack!!! for $345. There is a Deluxe model with VIVO and DIV support for $30 more. I only found one review of this card – – and the results of the review were excellent.

I received the card 5 days after I ordered it, and it was in the system within 20 minutes of my arrival from work. Driver install was very smooth, although I did need to change some BIOS settings, as Sam and Q3 locked up nearly immediately. They did fine after the changes.

I was immediately struck with the speed of web page loading and the improved appearance over the Kyro2. Game performance is outstanding!!!! I actually made it all the way through 3DMark2001 and got a score of 5341 with NO overclocking … that’ll happen over the weekend. The SiSoftSandra scores for the System MultiMedia performance blew away Intel systems with 300 more Mhz.(7241).

Summary: I’m very happy with this card. If you’re a gamer you’ll see things and get performance that’ll blow you away.

Submitted by: mickster

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