HP NX6110 Intel Celeron M 15.0″ XGA Intel GMA900

The NX6110 Compaq Series laptop made by HP offers an Intel Celeron M 360J 1.4 GHz processor and can be found for around $700. The computer has 256 MB of DDR SDRAM memory and a 5400 rpm hard drive with 40 GB storage capacity. The computer comes installed with Windows XP Home and a 1-year Manufacturers Warranty. This laptop features built-in wireless. Not only is this an affordable buy, but you get a quality computer for the price. This laptop is great for business travelers or light home use.

Tech Rating: 3 out of 10 Nothing fancy about the hardware in this computer. Basically has the minimum to operate Windows XP.
The computer is 12.9 x 10.5 x 1.2 and weighs 6.2 pounds. It also offers a 15.0 XGA screen that supports up to 1024X768 resolution with 16 M colors. The 6-cell high capacity Lithium-ion battery can last up to 4.5 hours. There is also an expansion bay to allow for further upgrades. There is nothing special about the casing or appearance of this laptop. It features a gray top with the HP logo along with a black body. For those of you searching for a fashionable computer, this is not for you. The battery life is highly praised for a) being honest and b) being quite long. This 3-4 hours is a long time to run a computer off of a battery. However, this time will drop drastically if the media features or media drive is in use.

The computer comes with a 24X DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive, phone and Ethernet jack, and an integrated Intel Graphics card. The computer features an integrated sound card with built-in speakers and has audio ports. There is a standard keyboard and touchpad as well. Other basic ports are also offered along with, of course, an AC adapter to charge the battery and run the computer off of home power as well. The computers built-in wireless is highly praised for working very well. More and more areas are offering wireless support. This allows you to take your laptop to different areas and still have access to the internet. This is a very important feature and can be very convenient.

The computer is great for multitasking basic applications such as the internet, Microsoft office, and instant messaging programs. However, it is recommended that the memory be upgraded to 512 MB which is fairly cheap to do as it will cost you only around $40. This computer is also highly praised for the quality of its DVD/CD-RW Combo drive. Quality media bays such as the 24X drive that comes with the HP NX6110 are important for music and movie buffs alike. This computer is capable of burning CDs and DVDs as well as playing them on the 15.0 screen. This drive alone has a value of nearly $100, thus adding to the overall value of the laptop. Unfortunately the screen does not support widescreen features (few screens do as of yet).

The main aspect this product offers is the price. At only $700 (up to an additional $100 off with certain rebates), this is a great first computer, application computer, or on the go computer. Unfortunately, it is not ideal for playing high end games, but will be able to adequately run low end games such as hearts or minesweeper. Low end games are games that do not require intensive graphics or complicated physics (more complicated than minesweeper, but less complicated than big name titles such as Half-Life or F.E.A.R) can also run adequately well on this laptop. The screen is also very versatile. It can quickly be adjusted to change brightness as well as other features so that youre your eyes do not become irritated for long sessions at the computer. The 15.0 screen, which is quite large for a standard laptop, is great for all your entertainment purposes such as watching movies or listening to music on long car trips or flights.

One flaw in this computer is its hard drive, which is just 40 GB and thus only adequate for basic usage, but not large amounts of media storage. The PATA style hard drives are also not very popular because they are inferior the latest SATA drives. Again, this hard drive is good for only basic computer use and nothing out of the ordinary.

I use this computer as simply a backup. I use two computers at once and take this one with me when I travel. It is great for when my main computer is tied up with a large application and serves me well on the road. The built-in wireless works very well. Again, I am stressing that this computer is solid, but not intended for high end usage. Another concern for those looking to purchase a laptop is the cooling of the computer. When computers overheat, they can function improperly and even become permanently damaged. This laptop however, is one that is known to stay cool after long periods of use. This is because the laptop is very efficient (also the reasoning behind the long battery life). Of course there is still a pressing need to be concerned and cautious about the computer overheating to protect your investment. Warning: Laptops tend to be designed for convenience and lack in performance. This is expected because of their size and ability to run on battery power. If you are expecting a great deal of power out of this machine (or any laptops in this price range), you are looking in the wrong place.

Overall, this computer does pack in some nice features and is a great deal at only $700 compared to some of the other laptops on the market today with few or none additional features that cost well over $1000. It makes a great first laptop, but is also good for those who need a basic laptop and do not want to spend a lot of money on one. Although the hard drive space may not be as big as one may of hoped, the laptop still is a great deal.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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