Hauppauge Win-TV Theater

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I recently purchased a new Mini DV Camera and started looking for an inexpensive capture card to edit and print still pictures from my Camera. I first purchased a retail card called the TView card. It came complete with the software and remote control. I decided for the price I might as well have the TV and FM stereo radio features. The card and installation was a disaster. It screwed up several other drivers and would not function after hours of tweaking. The instructions that came with it were terrible. I guess for $54.00 you get what you pay for.

So I took that card back and purchased the Hauppauge WinTV Theatre card from Officemax for $150.00. All the same features as the other card. Plus Dolby 4 channel sound. Installation was a breeze. Installing the card was a breeze with the help of the instructions in the excellent manual. Once installed, the card worked like a champ. The S-video in works great for my camera and for the price as compared to most plain video capture boards I got the added TV and FM (Dolby) Stereo which both work great as well.

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