Iiyama Vision Master Monitors


Iiyama has established itself as a serious competitor in the monitor marker over the last couple of years. Their monitors are definitely some of the best I’ve seen. The quality is great, the price is very reasonable, and they are a joy to behold.

The Vision Master series comes in 15, 17, 19 and 21 inch. They use Shadow Mask technology. While this type has a slightly curved screen, it is very inconspicuous, and the image quality is awesome. They picture is very clear, smooth and sharp.

The Vision Master Pro series comes in 17, 19, 21 and 22 inches. They use Aperture Grille technology. This makes for a flatter screen and crisper image quality. You can tell the difference putting the two next to each other. The Pro series has a more crisp, grainy, pixilated look. Don’t get me wrong, that’s nothing bad. The picture quality is awesome. It’s just up to each persons preference which one to prefer.

The dot pitch is .26 or lower, depending on the model. The refresh rates are great and allow you to go way over the 75Hz that is the border for flicker. Usually, the human eye does not detect screen flicker due to the refresh rate over 75Hz. I am running my Vision Master 19″ at 1280×1024 @ 85Hz and it is a pleasure to look at.

The menu to adjust the monitor has plenty of options, all sizing, trapezoid, moir, power management, the works. It is controlled via three inconspicuous buttons at the bottom front of the monitor. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you got the system figured out, it’s easy to use.

Footprint is also very reasonable, my 19″ is about 17″ deep.

Pricewise these monitors are very competitive and give you lots of bang for the buck. You have to decide for yourself whether you like the Shadow Mask or the Aperture Grille better. You should go to a store and view them next to each other to see the difference.

I highly recommend these monitors. Everybody I know who has one is very happy with it.

Submitted by: Alex

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