Leadtek GeForce2 MX DH Pro

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Rating: Excellent!


I just got it and I’m really pleased with it. This affordable (I purchased it for $135.00) GeForce 2 MX card features dual monitor hookups, a TV-out, and a big heatsink and fan combo for easy overclocking if you want. The software bundle contains some great utilities: Winfox pro, Winfast DVD, Colorific, True Internet color, and Cult3D plug-in. The utility keeps track of your card condition, temperature, fan speed, and if it’s working ok.

Installation of the card was very easy. Have not tried the TV-out yet , but I’m sure it will be fine as everything else works so well on it. For the money it has to be one of the best deals going. I installed it on a Pentium III 550 o/c to 850, and this thing kicks butt big time. Colors on it are fantastic. Love the dual display feature, so you can use 2 15 inch monitors and have more screen area than a single 21 inch monitor. 15 inch screens can be had for a song now so its another good deal.

My Mad Onion 3D mark is 5238 using the supplied drivers, but I hope I can do better with some tweaking. Frame rates in MKD2 demo are 93.4 at 1024×768 with 16 bit color, and 70.3 with 32-bit color. In 800×600 they jump to 118.8 (16-bit) and 105.4 (32-bit), which i think is really good for a card of this price range.

Before I had a ATI RAGE FURY 32 MB card, but this Leadtek GeForce 2 MX looks better than the ATI. Colors seem brighter and sharper than before.

I give this card an A+ all the way. Man, I love this card!

Submitted by: Marv

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