Logitech QuickClip USB Video Capture Device


Installation was very easy and straight forward. Use is very simple. I would like a custom setting for the pixel size at the capture screen instead of the presets and the viewer isn’t very powerful for editing. Between the video tape and the device sometimes the pictures are grainy but it is easy to keep capturing until you get a clean one. There is a slight lag time between hitting the space bar and the freeze frame, it takes some getting used to. AVI’s seem to be rather large but I’m sure that is me not knowing what I’m doing.

The device itself was a little warm to the touch (I leave it hooked up all the time) so I elevated it an inch higher than the factory feet had it and it’s staying much cooler now. It has the USB cable, RCA video in and video out, I guess to leave a VCR hooked up all the time. It’s a triangle about 5″ and sits less than 1″ high.

For my web site and my business I need close ups of small items. I already had a camcorder that does good close ups. This route was much cheaper than getting a digital or film camera that has macro abilities. If I recall right the MFR is around $90, I paid $45 from compgeeks.com including shipping. For $90 I wouldn’t be satisfied but for the price I paid I am more than happy with it.

Submitted by: Myk

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