LS120 Disk Drive


My LS120 is an internal model, and replaces the floppy drive. My current drive is a replacement for a previous one which shorted out. The second one came with a program called “Superdisk Accelerator” and this little program makes a huge difference in the speed at which the 120mb disks are accessed and copied to. It does this by staging the files on the hard disk temporarily.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the LS120, these disks look very similar to a standard 1.44mb floppy, but they hold 120mb of data. The cost of a disk is about the same as a Zip disk, but the LS120 is not as common as the Zip, so they are not as suitable for sharing files. However, they are 20 MBs larger, and they will also accept and write to standard floppy disks.

LS120 drives are available as internal or external drives, and even as SCSI devices. Mine works great, but I find that I use the LS120 disks for archiving, and the drive is most usually used with old-fashioned floppies. The relative rarity of the drive is the biggest obstacle to it being used more (I use my Zip for sharing files, as I know a number of people with Zips).

If you are looking for a “Super Floppy” type drive, and aren’t going to share files, the LS120 is a great choice. It holds 120mb, writes to floppies, and with the “Super Accelerator” reads and writes at a good speed.

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