Matrox G400 32MB Dualhead


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Rating: Very good


Wow! Do you want a graphics card that will handle very high resolutions? Give you stunning 2D performance? And great looking 3D performance? Let you hook up your TV or a second monitor without adding an additional card? Well, this is it, and it is pretty amazing.

I’m not a big gamer, however, EA Sports Triple Play 2000 looks stunning with this card set at 1280 x 1024. F22 Lightning 3 is gorgeous and fast, and Links 99 is like being on the course.

Images are beautiful and load extremely quickly (very noticeable loading a large TIFF in Corel PhotoPaint). The TV out works perfectly (although the TV really isn’t really a monitor replacement). You can also hook it to a VCR and then to the TV if you’d like to record something. Business Apps are beautiful, text is crisp, everything is dead stable.

There were a few problems. Be absolutely sure you have any previous graphics drivers uninstalled before installing this card. Registry, System Files, etc. Get rid of them completely, starting with just a standard VGA driver. The drivers that came with the card were OK. I then uninstalled them and tried the 513 drivers. They weren’t so good on my system (possibly the Super 7 AGP bus). Then downloaded the 525 drivers, uninstalled the 513 drivers (Matrox has an uninstaller utility, worth getting) and installed the 525 drivers. Top notch, no problems at all.

For an avid gamer there are probably faster cards, but if you like quality images, take a look at this card.

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