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Rating: Needs some work


When I originally bought the Intellimouse, I was thrilled with it. The wheel was a significant time saver, improving my ability to work in both internet and office applications. The release of the 2.2 drivers with their “universal” function improved it even more. However, having used it for the past year, I have found the actual mechanical engineering is not at the standard I expected for a mouse that ran me about $80 U.S.

The wheel no longer turns, and no amount of cleaning, tweaking, etc. will return that function. I have two friends who have the same problem. It seems to be due to soft material choices for the shaft of the wheel (it warps).

Recently a number of friends have gone with Logitech or generic wheel mice (which are significantly cheaper) and the mechanical operation seems better.

Bottom line: A great idea, but the shortcuts in materials make this a substandard product, especially at the price. Do yourself a favor, and buy a different wheel mouse.

Submitted by: Al

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