Microtek SlimScan C6 USB Scanner


Installation went good, just like the documentation said, no surprises. Go button/ScanSuite is great for copying to the printer. The lid comes of very easily for cleaning or scanning from books. The light only comes on after you click the scan button and goes off right after it’s done. With all the software wanting and, as I’ve found out in some cases, needing to run in the background my resources have dropped 10%.

I had a problem with the scanner not allowing the PC to enter standby. Microtek’s phone support (toll number) was no help at all. I would rate their phone support lower than I would rate Compaq’s (that’s pretty low). I emailed support and got a file to fix the problem in 2 days. Their self extractor didn’t work so I had to do it myself with Winzip and SFC. I emailed them about the problem and hope they fix it for other users. I also have a problem with the light bar, it seems to get jammed when it starts sometimes a light tap gets it moving on it’s way. I’m sure it’s just a bur of plastic or something hanging it up and will fix it myself when I take the glass off to clean the underside sometime.

The software bundle is excellent. Although Caere OmniPage Limited Edition OCR software has an exe that it puts in MSCONFIG and the start up folder called OCRAWARE that causes System information not to work right. Scanning directly from this program also comes out with too fuzzy of a picture for it to recognize the text. I scan from Ulead, save as bmp, then put it in Caere’s Page Keeper and send it to the OCR from there. Between the image editors (Adobe PhotoDeluxe, Ulead PhotoImpact, and Picture Mall) you can mess around a lot. Ulead is the best program for scanning from. It is straight forward and you can adjust before you scan the picture. It also comes with a web utility that includes a button applet maker, gif animator and a gif optimizer. Adobe is the best editor but it did have a problem with the amount of fonts I had installed. If you get a error in Cooltypedim.dll when starting this program that is why. It’s documentation doesn’t speak of it, I had to find it on the Web after trying to reinstall it every which way for a couple of hours. Picture Mall is fun and easy enough for younger children (or my 45 year old sister) to handle.

With the standby problem I was going to rate this as a “needs work” but since that’s fixed (and in a timely manner) I will give it a very good, but remember this hasn’t stood the test of time yet. If the light bar didn’t get stuck I’d give it an excellent. The quality of the scans is very clear and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t know how to scan for the best quality yet.

Submitted by: Myk

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