Razer BoomSlang 2000

Rating: Excellent!


Whether you are a hard core or regular game player, low pings, high resolution screens, high frame rates, a good mouse pad and a clean mouse have been your major concerns. However, if you are serious about fragging that opponent this is your ticket to ride. For gamers I would rate only DSL or Cable Internet access above this mouse as the acquisition that will provide the greatest increase in your frag count.

I opted for the 2000 version over the 1000 because even though I may think I can “out-Rambo” Rambo, I need all the help I can get when competing against these fast twitch teenagers. This BoomSlang mouse is a curious combination of optics, a mouse ball and precision engineering that takes the 300 to 450 dpi (dots per inch) a standard mouse provides to an incredible 2000 dpi. Which translate into fast reactions and less movement of your hand. And despite it still having a ball, I have used it daily for four weeks now and have not had to clean it whereas with the standard ball mice I was cleaning every three days.

The BoomSlang came packaged in a fabulous round tin can decorated with the BoomSlang logo. The mouse was securely ensconced in closed cell foam along with support drivers and the full version of BattlezoneII, as well as the OEM version (first 4 levels) of SOF. An added bonus is the 3M Precision Mousing Surface with the BoomSlang logo. This is the second 3M Precision Mousing Surface I have used and this one suffers a little warping, but nothing major.

The Razer BoomSlang derives its name from a deadly Asian viper called the BoomSlang that is fast and as lethal as a Krait. As any graduate of the old Panama Jungle Warfare school will tell you we call the Krait a “two step” snake because once you are bit by one you take two steps then die in manner that can only be described as gruesome. My experience with the Razer BoomSlang proves that it is not only fast and deadly, but brings incredible accuracy into your digital arsenal, once you have adjusted to it. Games like Soldier of Fortune (SOF) and Kingpin allow you to target specific body parts, shoot the gun out of their hand, shoot an exposed elbow or foot without exposing yourself to return fire, etc, you get the picture.

Button, button, whose got the button?

The BoomSlang has the same standard left, right buttons, as well as the now ubiquitous scroll wheel, however they provide two additional buttons (one on the left and one on the right) that can be programmed to produce keyboard commands like reload or grenades. Add to an already potent rodent the ability to adjust mouse sensitivity on the fly, and you have one great frag tool.

Adjusting to this mouse took some doing, my initial reaction was not instant acceptance, as the shape was initially odd for my hand and it took some time to adjust from the MS Intellimouse which has a higher vertical profile. If you looked at the picture provided in the URL above, then you can start to get the idea. I did have to resurrect the “Mouse Arena” in order to get my wrist fully supported during those 8-10 hour gaming sessions. If you don’t know what the Mouse Arena is and you have issues with wrist pain, then you should consider contacting me about it or visit http://www.overclockers.com where you can find a review of the Mouse Arena. My gaming experience really improved when I combined the BoomSlang and a cable modem, which allowed me, for the first time, to rack up a high frag count as a sniper. Until I started using a cable modem my latency was so bad that being a sniper was out of the question. My son, an excellent sniper, initially hated the sensitivity of the BoomSlang and wanted me to put the Intellimouse back, however less than one hour later he recanted, refused to yield the field and now has mounted a campaign to persuade me to get him one.

The retail price of $99 for the 2000 is steep for a mouse of any design, but the 1000 goes for as little as $69.99. So it’s your decision about whether it’s worth the cost or not. For me, there is no going back, I refuse to yield the field, YOU are going to have to take it.

Submitted by: Casca

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