If you are experiencing heat problems with your current setup, this is the case to get. Whoever designed this case did so with maximum cooling in mind and put a lot of thought into it. First of all, there is a massive 120mm (ca. 5″) fan (included) at the bottom front of the case blowing cool air into the case to create a nice air flow. Then there is a 80mm (ca. 3″) fan (included) mounted at the side of the case pointing directly at the spot where the CPU will be located. This is a very unique design and perfect for efficient CPU cooling. The contraption that this fan is mounted on even allows angling the fan to either side for dead-on aiming.

Then there are oodles of places to mount extra 80mm fans, and when I say oodles, I mean oodles. You can mount two exhaust fans on the back of the case, an additional intake fan at the front, and two fans on either side of the 5.25″ drive bays for direct drive cooling. Both side doors have blowholes lining up perfectly with those 4 side fans to provide maximum air flow. If you counted along, then you should have come up with 7 extra fans in addition to the two that are included for a total of 9 fans, not including the fan(s) on your CPU heat sink. We’re talking major air flow here.

When we fired it up and monitored it for a few days, we observed an average reduction in temperature of about 6-8 degrees Fahrenheit compared to the same setup in our YCC-80x midtower case with two fans. On the other hand we also noticed quite an increase in noise due to the number of fans in combination with the blowholes, but that was to be expected.


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Another great touch is that the fans can be mounted without screws as the case has plastic cages that you can simply snap the fans into. These fan cages actually serve a second purpose of protecting your fingers from being stuck where they don’t belong resulting in an involuntary manicure. It has happened to me before and it’s not very satisfying, believe me. And to top it all off, there is an air filter mounted inside the front panel which prevents dust from entering the case through the intake fans. This filter can even be removed and washed.

Other Niceties

The case we reviewed came with a single 300W ATX power supply. Why did I mention this? Because you can get this case in a variety of configurations, specifically with:


  • 300W Redundant ATX Power Supplies
  • 400W ATX Power Supply
  • 300W ATX Power Supply
  • 250W ATX Power Supply
  • Case Only

The case was very nicely finished, we didn’t run into any sharp or pointy edges and were able to complete our review without any blood loss. Overall the case made a very solid and well manufactured impression, no flimsy or broken pieces in this case.

We also liked the ample selection of drive mounting rails, screws, spacers and washers that were part of the package.

And all of you who have uneven floors in their computer rooms, you’ll be happy to know that the 4 feet of the case are independently height adjustable.


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By now you probably get the idea. This is a kick-ass case and really didn’t leave anything to be desired. It is extremely versatile since it can serve as a serious case for a regular workstation, as a cooling power house for the hobby overclocker, or as a solid and reliable server home due to its redundant power supply option and space even for dual-Xeon motherboards. It’s a little more on the expensive side, but we think it’s worth every penny.



Submitted by: Machine, Alex

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