Antec Performance Plus 1080B SOHO File Server

Date: June 2nd, 2002


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I’ve been a fan of Antec computer cases for some time now because of their quality and user-friendly features. Currently my main machine is in an Antec Performance SX 1040 case which I reviewed a while back. When I heard about the new Antec Performance Plus series, I was curious to see what good stuff Antec came up with this time.

There are 7 different models in the new Performance Plus series. The main difference betweeen these models is the size (minitower, workstation, or file server), color (beige or black), power supply (330 or 430W), and number of fans. Otherwise they are identical in features.

The model reviewed here is the Antec Performance Plus 1080B:


Case Type SOHO File Server
Case Dimensions 20.6″ x 8.1″ x 18.6″ (H) x (W) x (D)
Weight 31 lbs.
Color Black
Drive Bays 10 (4 5 inch, 6 3 inch)
80mm Fan Mounts 5 (two front, two rear, one side), 3 fans included
Power Supply Antec 430W TruePower ATX
Features 2 front USB ports
1 front IEEE1394 (Firewire) port
Swing-out side panel with handle
Quick-release drive bays with release lever
Snap-in fan mounts
Large front panel vent with washable air filter


A first look at the outside shows an attractive and sleek looking case. As is obvious by the resemblance, the Performance Plus series evolved from the Performance series, incorporating all its strengths and adding a number of new features. Visible on the left side is the vent for the side-panel fan – a new feature – as well as the quick-release handle for the swing-out screwless side panel, allowing fast access to the inside.


The rear view reveals the vents for the two 80mm rear fans as well as the powersupply fan, which are all configured to remove hot air from the rear of the case. Adding the two front/bottom fans and the side-panel fan, which are configured to blow cool air from the outside into the case, creates a good airflow throughout the case for excellent cooling.


The front panel is removable, allowing access to a washable mesh air filter. This filter is designed to stop dust from entering the case through the two front fans, keeping the inside cleaner.


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