CompUSA Compact Flash Card Reader

Date: November 25th, 2001


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Rating: Forget about it


I purchased this dual card reader when I got my digital camera and watched the batteries drain when I went to download my pictures to my PC. I decided on this reader because it has slots for both Compact Flash and Smart Media.

I figured that since it was USB it would be easy to install. Not so! For over two hours and talking to Compusa I could not get the thing to work, until I allowed it to be drive D! Once I changed my CD-ROM letter, and my Zip Drive letter, it worked like a champ, until I had to restart my computer.

If I turn my PC completely off, wait thirty seconds and then back on all is fine. Do a simple reboot after installing or uninstalling something, forget it!

The sad thing about all this is if I take it back to CompUSA, I will end up paying a 15% restocking fee since according to them it does work.

I cannot recommend this product, and have since bought a Sandisk model and have had no problems with it.

Submitted by: Andrew C. Cooper

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