Coolerguys 80/60 Fan Adapter


I have recently upgraded my system to an Athlon 1.4GHz on a KT-266R motherboard, and have had temperature concerns. I decided to be the guinea pig for Coolerguys and install an 80/60 fan adapter and a Delta Ultra High Speed fan.

The Delivery

Todd from Coolerguys had made a mistake on a previous order, so he sent me the items overnight for the price of UPS Ground, and threw in some Arctic Silver to boot (get it??) – nice touch.

The Confusion

The SK6 comes with four clips. Immediately put these in a safe place, as you will never, ever need them if you are using the 80/60 adapter. There were also 4 itsy bitsy teeny weeny brass screws, which may have looked pretty, but I was lost as to their purpose. Since I received the package on Friday night (typical of UPS), I had to wait until Monday to speak with Todd. He was at a meeting when I called, but one of the other staff members explained how I should use the clips to connect everything. I followed his instructions, and ended up bleeding all over the place. Todd eventually straightened everything out, and gave me the real scoop on how to assemble this monstrosity. The small screws are for screwing the adapter itself onto the heatsink (in between the fins), and then you just hook everything else up normally (i.e., use the big screws to attach the fan to the adapter, then the grill to the fan).

The Installation

Despite its gargantuan size, there was actually little trouble getting this thing into my InWin Q500 full tower. If you have anything else, though, don’t even try.

The Temps

Using UD as a CPU loader, I tested temps before installing the new stuff and after. Here’s what it boils down to..


Before After
Idle: 55C 38C
Load: 62 49

So thats about it. The thing works. Yeah, its louder than most systems, but well worth its weight in copper.

Submitted by: doctormidnight

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