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I’m an absolute newbie to shims. I’d seen copper shims at numerous geeky sites and was both intrigued and sceptical. The scepticism was the result of the occasional AMD Athlon Thunderbirds that were fried by some folks using them the wrong way. The intrigue was due to the improved overclockability that resulted from the use of some shims.

I exchanged e-mail with Todd at CoolerGuys about a HSF for my infamous new system. After deciding on the system and placing the order, Todd asked me to give the Cool-Shim a try and see what I thought. I threw one on my old system (1Ghz Tbird/AbitKT7) while installing a new HSF. I gotta tell ya, even though I failed to do an important step listed on the CoolerGuys Cool-Shim Install page, the shim did precisely what it’s supposed to do: protect the fragile core of the processor!!! It’s been running on the Tbird for about 3 months now just fine.

My second experience with the Cool-Shims was with the new system. After getting really terrible temps on the new system, I removed the HSF and discovered the 2 back pads on the Tbird were missing…that’s NOT a good thing! The purpose of those pads according to AMD is to help prevent the HSF from cracking the fragile core of your proc. I called CoolerGuys immediately and ordered a Cool-Shim for 2-Day Delivery. It did in fact arrive in 2 days and the REinstall of the HSF with the Cool-Shim on the 1333Mhz. Tbird went perfectly. The new sys is up and running perfectly. After these two experiences with this product, I will NOT do another Tbird/HSF install without a Cool-Shim! It’s an $8.95 insurance policy.

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