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Rating: Very good


As I was surfing the Net looking for a java chat software that I’ll use for my university club’s website, I somehow came across this new site called WebPonent and their product AnyTalk DigiBoard.

I downloaded DigiBoard’s demo version and after a few tries and a help from a techie friend of mine, I was able to install it properly on a web server. Although I must admit that the installation is a little bit hard if you are a computer novice like I am.

We played around with DigiBoard for awhile. Especially with their whiteboard. We managed to communicate through painting and drawing while chatting with each other at the same time. The interface was good. It gave you the ability to control your types and colors of the fonts you use.

The only thing that I found lacking in the product was the emoticons. It would really be great if the guys behind it could add more. Additional status icons is also desirable because right now they only have an “away” status.

All in all, compared to other website chat software, AnyTalk DigiBoard is a notch better. The interface looks good. And is probably the only one that has a whiteboard. And the price is a lot lower, the most important thing for a small websites like the one that we have.

Submitted by: Lara Jean Holly

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