Enermax CS5190AL-061 Black Aluminum Case

Now let’s look at the back.


You see the two 60mm rear exhaust fans, the cutout for the power supply (which is NOT included), and on the side the two mounting plates for the 4 side fans. To attach the plexiglas window to the side panel, a line of silicon was applied, surprisingly shoddily actually compared to an otherwise nicely manufactured case.


This shot of the lower front panel shows from top to bottom

  • 3 manual fan speed dials
  • Case temperature LCD
  • Power and reset button
  • Front air intake
  • 2 USB ports, audio plugs, volume dial, joystick port, firewire port


Here you can see the two mounting panels for the side fans, two 120mm and two 80mm fans (one each included). Each panel can be unmounted by removing 4 screws. If you take a closer look, you’ll see some nice details. Each fan is a Compuman ball-bearing speed-adjustable fan with clear blades. The fans have 3-pin connectors, but already come with a converter to 4-pin Molex and an extra connector for daisy chaining. The extra two-pin connector plugs into one of the fan speed dials in the front panel for manual speed adjustment. The clear blades are for aesthetic reasons as to not spoil the light and open view through the side window.


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