PC Power & Cooling Silencer 275 ATX Power Supply

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In my test box exists one of the noisiest power supplies known to computerdom. I’ve listened to many PCs run and have a good idea of noise levels generated by power supplies. I put this new power supply into my good box and put the noisy power supply from the good box into the test box.

This new power supply came from PC Power & Cooling, and is pointed to those seeking quiet, not to those seeking a very well cooled supply. It was disappointing. It is no more quiet than the generic that came with the YCC-80 mid-tower case. I paid $81 and am guessing that is 2/3 more than a generic power supply.

The most quiet supplies I have heard were/are in a 5-year old gateway, a 2-year old Tangent, and my work PC, a 9-month old Dell 4100.

The buying experience from PC Power & Cooling was fine. I suggest to never buy a power supply without hearing it run in a box that has as few other noise sources as possible so as to obtain a better estimate of noise levels.

Submitted by: Randy Bedore

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