Radeon Tweaker, ver. 1.1.8

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As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, overclock it” … wait, that’s not right. Well, in this case it is. The Radeon Tweaker software is a simple tool that allows the user to bend the Radeon series of graphics cards from ATI to the will of the user. But a note of warning: do not take any of the tweaks too far, otherwise you run the risk of ending up like Moses, who thought too much of his power and was punished by God. Now, God may not punish you personally, but your computer may suffer at the hands of one who cannot contain their almighty, overclocking, OpenGL tuning hearts, so be careful!!

So what is this grand new thing you call the Radeon Tweaker? Well, for one its not really new. The original came out in February of 2000, but it has been constantly upgraded, and is now in the 1.1.8 phase, which will most likely be basis for the 2.0 version later this year. The Radeon Tweaker (or Radtweak, for those into the whole doublespeak thing), allows the user to adjust a plethora of registry settings, which, when done by hand, would leave most in a state similar to that of a weekend spent with Robert Downey Jr. … thats right, dazed, confused, and probably stoned. There are other aspects of the program that allow the user to directly overclock the graphics/memory engine of the card. Unlike programs such as PowerStrip, the Radeon Tweaker was make specifically for the Radeon series of cards, so compatibility issues are pretty much out the door (unless of course, you don’t own a Radeon).

For testing purposes, I decided that there were a few basic things to address. First, to test my personal system with


  1. The Radeon Tweaker downloaded, but not installed
  2. The Radeon Tweaker installed, but not adjusted (I didn’t even open it, just checked to make sure it was there)
  3. The Radeon Tweaker installed, and with a ton of things changed. I will get into that later, though.

I used 3DMark2000, mostly because 3DMark2001 is highly geared towards NVIDIA cards, so I thought I would be fair to ATI. All tests run under Win98, mostly because I haven’t quite got the hang of Win2K (read:not tweaked yet). But I will try it in Win2K as well later on.

My system specs are as follows:


  • Epox 8KTA2 mobo
  • AMD Duron 700@900
  • 128 MB Crucial PC133 RAM
  • Maxtor 30 GB HD
  • Aopen 12x DVD (Which, BTW, is a total POS)
  • Ghetto floppy drive
  • SB Live! 5.1
  • ATI Radeon 64 DDR VIVO
  • D-Link Ethernet Card (disabled)
  • Midiland S4/8200 speaker system (Just wanted to show off)
  • KDS Avitron 17″ monitor

I know you are all just gonna scroll past this part to see my benchmarks, but I gotta throw this in. There are a TON of other tweaker programs made for the Radeon, but if you look at the release dates, you will notice that when RadTweak has an update, a few days later all the other programs get updated. Personally, I think most of the other programs are just ripping off RadTweak, so beware.

I set up my stuff as usual, and before I ran any tests, I did a reboot, just to make sure (it’s 98SE, go figure).



RadTweak not installed Score: 2690
RadTweak installed, no tweaks Score: 2688
RadTweak installed, totally tweaked Score: 3012

300 points is a lot for 3dmark2000, and all that was required were about 15 simple clicks on the oh-so-user-friendly GUI. And that was it.

I didn’t really find any faults in the GUI or the program itself. And the great thing is that, unlike some other tweakers that we won’t embarrass, The RadTweak doesn’t require that you modify the settings EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU REBOOT!!.


Submitted by: doctormidnight

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