RD1- BIOS Savior


If you are an inveterate flasher … BIOS, that is, this item is as close to the failsafe, “at least it will boot”, PC add-on as you’ll ever get.

Installed between your existing BIOS chip and the motherboard’s EPROM socket, with a two position switch that installs to an empty case slot, the Savior allows one to choose between either 1) the default “it works just fine” BIOS or 2) the newest release that you hope won’t turn out to be buggy after a successful (?) flash!

Well documented instructions in perfect English, an obviously quality manufactured product, and a precision extraction tool, allow even the newest of PC newbies to install the Savior and be up and running in minutes, searching the motherboard maker’s website for that newest .bin file.

Of course this means that you flash the Savior itself with your current BIOS previous to the newest release. That exercise, hopefully, develops the confidence one might need to use this device frequently as, in my case with an ABIT KT7-R, new BIOS releases tend to show up every other day!

Spend the $20.00 on IOSSand save yourself the humiliation and perhaps weeks of waiting to hear that lovely beep of your PC’s POST.

Submitted by: R. S. Arnold

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