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I have been a music lover all my life, and naturally since getting into computers. I wanted to be able to listen to the music collection while working on the computer or surfing, but never thought it possible to hear high end stereo sound on a computer – that was until I received the Monsoon MM-700 Speakers that I had bought myself for a X-mas gift. I ordered them from Sonigistix’s Web Site on December 20th, they arrived on the 24th. I unpacked them and had them hooked up within 10 minutes.

First let me say that for those of you unfamiliar with Monsoon’s design, they go with a flat panel speaker. Meaning they use metallic ribbons instead of cones for the sound. Besides offering a clean design, they have a small footprint. So they will not clutter your computer desk by their size, 4×8 (1″ thick), and the subwoofer is 10x9x9. Total watts for the system is 44 watts at 2×11 for the satellites, and 22 watts for the sub, which to me is plenty of power for something that is usually is within 2 feet of my ears. The volume control is accomplished with a wire and puck connection to the subwoofer, the power and bass controls are on the subwoofer.

Regardless of whether you listen to classical, country, or rock, you will be impressed. The sound that comes from these speakers can be described simply as , awesome !! The sound has so much depth and sense of surrounding your ears with being there, that you almost look around the room for the horns, guitar, drums or singer to be in the room with you. These speakers will make it a pleasure to hear, Van Morrison’s “No Guru, No Method, No Teacher” or Pink Floyd’s “Side Of The Moon” or Richard &: Linda Thompson’s “Shoot Out The Lights” on your computer system, as enjoyable as sitting in front of a high end stereo system and at a fraction of the cost. Since you already have the computer, why not get the best speakers at a very reasonable price? I paid $149 plus shipping and at the time Monsoon had a $40 rebate for this model. I know that these can be found at various sites for around $110.

The Pros : Sound Quality (!), small footprint, and price. And did I mention the sound coming from these is great?

Cons: The only beef I have with this system is the control puck. It’s just corny … I just set the volume where I want it and leave the rest of the fine tuning to my computers software.

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