ThermalRight SK6

Rating: Excellent!


Price: $35.95 including Delta fan

When it became apparent I’d have to replace my 1.33Ghz AMD Athlon Thunderbird, I emailed Todd at CoolerGuys. I asked him which Heatsink/Fan (HSF) would be the best performing and NOT impossible for anyone other than Harry Houdini to install. He responded within 10 minutes and told me the ThermalRight SK6 fit my requirements to a T(hermalRight). I ordered it then and there. 2 days later, I was looking at a work of art HS. It is a thing of beauty. It’s well designed and executed.

I practiced the install per the enclosed instructions. They suggest you attach the HS and then attach the fan and fan clips. The practice run made me say ‘no way’ to that. I attached the fan clips and fan before I attached the HS. When I went to do the install, I was so psyched, I forgot the CoolerGuys CoolShim I use on AMD installs. I used ArcticSilver II thermal compound.

The install went extremely smooth. It was over in a flash. ThermalRight has an ingenious clip. It has a slot for a screwdriver that actually works, without threatening your motherboard. I was impressed even further.

The performance is absolutely awesome. There is only one HSF that exceeds the performance of this one and it costs at least twice as much (Swiftech MC462). It’s lowered all my temps by 5 or 6 degrees, more in some applications/Operating Systems. Remember, I had a HSF that all reviewers list in the top five. Say bye Thermoengine!

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