Midtower Computer Case YCC-80X

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Building a computer yourself from scratch is a great learning experience and it’s the best way to ensure that you get a PC that’s exactly what you want and has quality parts. Unfortunately, oftentimes one part of a PC does not get the consideration and attention it deserves – the case. Selecting a decent case is more important than a lot of people think and it can make building a computer either a pleasant experience – or an experience that involves a lot of a four-letter words, frustration and mutilated limbs. One case that I’ve used time and again over the years is the YCC-80x. Read on to find out why this is in my opinion the best case for a home user PC I’ve come across.

Look Ma, no screwdriver!

That’s right, this case does not use the common Philips head screws. Almost every screw in this case is a hand/thumb screw, meaning the screw has a big ribbed plastic head that makes it a breeze to remove the screw with two fingers. No screwdriver needed to disassemble the case. The only time you’ll need a screw driver is to mount the motherboard, secure your drives and PCI cards. Everything else can be unfastened by removing one or more of 9 thumb screws.

Slide-out Motherboard Tray

Installing a motherboard can be a tricky task if the case does not have much room. Even though this case has more than plenty of room to mount the motherboard in the case, you won’t care with this case. Simply remove one thumb screw and slide out the entire motherboard tray. Put the tray on your desk and install the motherboard without any wrist acrobatics. Install the processor, memory and cards, then slide the whole shebang back into the case when you’re done.

Easy access

Need to get into the case? Simply remove two thumb screws, slide the side panel back about an inch and take it off for easy access to the inside. If you want to remove the top and other side panel, remove three more thumb screws and slide the rest off. The front panel just snaps in and out.

Good Ventilation

The case comes with a mounting bracket at the bottom front to mount an 80mm fan for cool air intake and with a mounting place at the rear right behind where the CPU will be to install another 80mm fan to exhaust warm air to ensure a good airflow through the case. The front fan air intake even has a micro filter to get the air in but keep the dust out. This filter can be easily removed for cleaning.

No need to get the first-aid kit out

The inside of the case is very nicely finished, no sharp edges at all. I’ve not managed to cut my hand or fingers once on a sharp or unfinished edge while working with this case.

Easy drive mounting

The case has 3 5.25″ drive bays, all exposed in the front. It also has 2 3.5″ drive bays that are exposed to install e.g. a floppy drive and an internal Zip drive. It also has 3 3.5″ internal drive bays to mount hard drives. Those 3.5″ drive bays are very accessible. To install a drive in one of those, simply remove a thumb screw and pull out the drive bay frame. Conveniently install the drive(s) and put the drive bay frame back in when you’re done.

Even though you will find a few more drive bays in a full tower, the number of drive bays in this case is sufficient to install e.g. a floppy drive, an internal Zip drive, a CD burner, a DVD drive, a tape drive and 3 hard drives – more than sufficient for most users.

Other nice details

The case has plenty of other little niceties that make life a lot easier. The power supply is a 250W ATX 2.01 compliant which uses its internal fan to exhaust warm air out of the case and the power supply instead of blowing it into the case as older power supplies did.

It is amazingly roomy for a midtower case. Installing components is a breeze and does not require any wrist acrobatics.

With the case you’ll also get an abundant supply of screws to mount drives, secure cards, install the motherboard, and replacement thumb screws, just in case.

For some pictures of the case and more details and specs, check it out here:



Every time I get ready to build another PC, I head to some local stores and see what type of cases they have in stock and do some comparing. Invariably, I always end up walking home with one of these puppies under my arm because I didn’t find anything better. And the price is certainly right! You can get the case for only $65 at this place:


They sell it simply as model #A15.

This is truly an impressive case that was designed with a lot of thought and attention to detail.

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