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Rating: Excellent!


Well, a few weeks ago, I wrote a review here for ACT! 4.0, and now I’m using ACT! 2000. The new features and differences are stunning, and it will take me a while to learn how to use all of them.

First, let me tell you that ACT! is now focused on the sales professional first and foremost. Additions include the ability to add phone numbers into a digital phone, to track expenses, to interact with Outlook, and to forecast and track sales through the Dale Carnegie Sales Process. The additional information and its ability to make a sales professional’s job easier are almost overwhelming, but worth taking the time to learn.

Just like the 4.0 version, there is a good set of training videos and a tutorial to help you along.

I haven’t worked out all the new features yet, but this is already a BIG step up from what was already an excellent program.

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