Easy CD Creator 4

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Rating: Very Good


Easy CD Creator 4 is the newest version of the well-known Easy CD Creator software which seems to come with almost every CD burner. The 4 version brings a huge package of options and features with it, and takes 94.79 MB of hard drive space.

The base program, Easy CD Creator, works basically the same as it always has, however there are some tweaks, including it automatically setting to burn at the fastest speed that it ascertains will work.

Other features under the Easy CD Creator directory include: CD Copier; CD Spin Doctor; Jewel Case Creator; Liquid Music Player; Photo Relay; Session Selector; Sound Editor; Video CD Creator; and Web-Checkup. The Jewel Case Creator includes the ability to produce CD Labels as well as front and rear insets for the Jewel Case. It is easy to use and the output is excellent although the defaults are a bit corny. Photo Relay allows you to create a Photo CD that will autoplay a slide show, or provide thumbnail display. This version also supports MP3s as a source for burning audio CDs.

Direct CD and Take Two are also part of the software package. Direct CD allows you to use your CDR or CD-RW as if it was a hard drive, and includes Adaptec Scandisk and CD-RW eraser. Take Two is a image/recovery program, which I tried, but I find that I prefer Ghost.

Overall, this version of Adaptec Easy CD Creator is a solid improvement. If you use MP3s, the support in this version can save you another program, as well.

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