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Counter-Strike is a counter-terrorism modification of the popular game Half-Life. In this excellent online video game you go head to head against other players across the Internet. The maps are creative and authentic, and the choice of being either the terrorists or the counter-terrorists, and being able to purchase real weapons based on how you did the previous round makes it even more enjoyable.

The Object of the video game is to select a side, either counter-terrorist or terrorist, and complete the assigned task, which can range from bombing an archaeological site to rescuing hostages. The game is a first person shooter and becomes quite intriguing as you get to know certain levels, channels, weapons, and players. The channels operate over hostings made by other players/websites. You play as a name that you select, and in channels that you receive over the counter-strike server. You can also filter the channels according to your liking.

The game is played by using the keyboard for maneuvering and the mouse for aiming, much like many other first person shooter games. While in gameplay you can chat to your team members using the chat feature or the “radio”. The graphics are quite outstanding, although having a 3d supported video card that has at least 4 MB could improve the graphics even more.

Another plus to the game is that patches are available to add levels, skins, guns,and other features. The game easily becomes addicting once you play it because of all its varying gameplay. There are easily over 50 maps and 100 different objectives that you yearn to complete! Along with that you can join clans, or groups of fanatics that play as a team who are looking for new members. You may be asked to join and make many friends.

The game has won the title of best online multiplayer game for the past 2 years and will most likely win it again.

System requirements are (from Half-Life Platinum pack box):
3d Supported video card (recommended)
Pentium 133 MHz or compatible
Internet Access
400 MB of space – 1.2 GB
Windows compatible Sound Card
Mouse and keyboard

Pentium II 333 MHz or compatible
Direct 3d or 3d accelerator card

Submitted by: Zakbob

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