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FTP Voyager by Rhinosoft is a neat FTP program. Very customizable with a intuitive interface, it makes FTP as easy as using Windows Explorer to manipulate files.


FTP Voyager -- Enhanced file transfer for all your needs!

The interface reminds of two Windows Explorer windows stacked above each other; one window for remote files, one for local files. Anybody familiar with Explorer can use this program without much effort. For example, right-clicking on any file brings up a menu with typical options such as Rename, Delete, New …, Refresh, and then some. It also supports drag-and-drop. The tool bar also looks quite familiar, and can be customized with more buttons than you can shake a stick at. You might want to spend a few minutes modifying the tool bar, the default selection could be a little better, but that’s a matter of taste.


FTP Voyager 7.1 Screenshot


FTP Voyager 7.1 Screenshot

The FTP site manager lets you nicely organize your favorite FTP sites and access them easily. You can even choose how to start up FTP Voyager, i.e. whether you want to connect automatically to the last site, bring up quick connect, the site manager, etc.

If you’re a heavy keyboard/shortcut user like me, you’ll be pleased to hear that Rhinosoft was generous with shortcuts to eliminate the need of taking your hands off the keyboard with logical key combos such as Ctrl-U for Upload, Ctrl-D for Download etc., as well as known shortcuts like F5 for Refresh, Alt-Enter for Properties, etc.

To customize FTP Voyager, go to the View menu and select Options. This dialog is ridden with tabs and selections, but very manageable. Some of the nice options offered here are selecting if and which connection to dial automatically, customizing the tool bar, customizing the Explorer interface, turning off the flying-paper-while-copying-eye-candy-animation, dis-/enabling confirmation messages, adding custom editors, and much more.

There’s also a Microsoft’ish touch to the program – you can conveniently import your FTP settings from competitor FTP programs to make switching to FTP Voyager even easier.

Synchronizing Folders can come in handy when you have a local and a remote directory with multiple files and subdirectories that you need to bring up-to-date, e.g. when updating a web site (upload) or backing up a remote directory (download). This option makes it easy to stay current.

Another option that some users might find handy is the FTP Voyager Scheduler. Since I’m spoiled by my cable modem, I didn’t test this feature.

One litle quirk is when trying to drag and drop a file. It sometimes instead tries to “lasso” files for multiple selection due to the Windows selection behavior. This can be easily avoided by dragging the file icon or the file name.

I’ve used the program for a month now to update the site and found it to be handy, easy to use and fast. It’s a nice, solid FTP client that certainly fulfills all my FTP needs.

Submitted by: Alex

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