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Rating: Excellent!


HomeSite is a serious HTML editor for people who like to write HTML code by hand. It has all the professional features that you would expect, yet it is not overwhelming or intimidating. I’ve used it for quite a while now and have almost never felt the need to consult the manual or the program help pages. It is very easy to get around in, most of the tool bars and buttons are intuitive.

Once you get used to the functionality, you’ll discover very quickly how many powerful features this program has, such as extended Search and Replace, spell checker, tag validator, code sweeper, built-in FTP client, instant preview of the page, tie-in with Macromedia DreamWeaver, many ways to customize the features and the layout to your liking and much more. This program really does it all.

In version 4, a new feature was added called Design view. This is a WYSIWYG editor view and while the program is more geared towards HTML handcoding, this feature can come in handy.

A memory leak in the original version 4 was fixed in the free update 4.0.1

Submitted by: crazygerman

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