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Kremlin Security Suite Review

Kremlin is a security suite for Windows based PCs offering secure encryption, secure file deletion, Kremlin Text, and the Kremlin Sentry.

It is a very easy program to use. It places 2 icons on the desktop: one for Encrypting Files and one for Kremlin Secure Recycle Bin. It also integrates itself into Windows Explorer, right-clicking on a file or directory will give you options to encrypt or secure deletion of the file or directory. It also places an icon in the Windows Tray for easy access.

It offers 6 types of encryption including IDEA, RC4 and Blowfish. It uses 160 bit encryption which would be good enough to keep everyone but the NSA and the CIA from reading your files … that is if your password is not easily crackable.

With options to easily encrypt or secure delete files from Windows Explorer it is very easy to use. Plus it has an AutoCrypt feature that automatically decrypts files or folders when you log in and encrypts them when you log out.

One of the best as well as the worst feature of Kremlin is Kremlin Text. Kremlin Text is a pretty good text editor that even allows you to add graphics and change colors and fonts. Then you can encrypt and safe the file and have a secure text document to send to someone. However, that person also has to have a copy of Kremlin in order to read it. This is one of Kremlin’s biggest flaws. PGP really has the market covered in that area and most secure text and email is sent via PGP. It would be good if you could send the text as a self-extracting file for non-Kremlin owners but alas that option is not available.

Kremlin also features Kremlin Sentry. Kremlin Sentry is a program that you can set to run at predetermined times to wipe your memory, free disk space, clear histories, and to wipe files or directories. Keep in mind if you use this it will take some time as Kremlin is very thorough when it come to deleting files.

All in all Kremlin is an excellent security program. It is easy to use and offers powerful encryption and secure deletion options. However if you want to have secure encrypted communication with others you will probably need to have PGP as well.

Submitted by: Zenwolf

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Ray Stephens says

Years ago, I purchased Kremlin Security Suite which twice fell victim to hard drive failures. At the time, there was direct address for Kremlin. I spoke with “Igor’ who kindly provided the lost information I needed to access my encrypted files.

Last week, my computer fell victim to the virulent “Zeus” virus. In my efforts to rid my computer of the intruder, I inadvertently wiped out almost all of my files. I misplaced Igor’s information. I’m here, hat-in-hand, to again beg for my Kremlin access information. If you do not have access, can you provide a benevolent e-mail addy that may help? Thank you! – Ray Stephens

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