Links 2000

Rating: Excellent!


It just gets better and better! Even if you are not a (real) golfer, you can enjoy this game. Links2000 may be the best designed and executed software for ANY kind of computer game!

You name it, and the Links team has done it for you. First, the glorious scenery, from the beautiful reflections of the course on the water holes, to its incredible detail and accuracy. Including the add-on packages of courses, there are close to thirty real golf courses (plus Devil’s Island fantasy course) to play. I have been on a couple of the real courses, and seen several more on TV. The Links version takes you right there; I can even identify some homes in Hilton Head that I have stayed in!

What else? Three different ways to strike the ball, so you can match the method you learned on your previous golf game. “Cameras” you can set up to view each hole from different perspectives. (Hint: The overhead camera gives you a birds-eye view of the whole that lets you plan your approach on each hole. It’s like having an expert caddy to guide you around the course.)

Dozens of variations on the game, from “skins” games to medal play, to match play, plus about every gambling version I have every heard of.

Tournaments to play in! Virtual tournaments on your PC, to a extensive (and free) on-line tour to participate in.

It records every stroke; tons of available statistics on your success with each club, to % of fairways hit to, to best and worst rounds. A great variety of computer opponents to play against, and lots of computer golfer images to represent you.

I am not a real golfer (golf: a beautiful walk in the woods interrupted by an annoying little ball!), but I do appreciate the game. Links 2000 will give you the feel of the marvel of the real thing.

Submitted by: OldRay

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