Norton Antivirus 2000


Rating: Good


I currently use Windows 2000 for my OS, which limited me on my choices of anti-virus programs when I first started running it. I have been successfully using Norton exclusively on all machines that I administer after having McAfee fail to detect CIH on work machines. As a result, I chose to stick with Norton and installed NAV 2000.

After original installation, I had a few “glitches” with the scanner working correctly and my ability to configure the program. With some assistance from the Symantec Tech Support FAQs I found a way to resolve those issues. I did a new installation (after uninstalling) and unchecking ALL options during the install (including live-update and autoprotect), completed the installation, then manually ran Live Update and configured Autoprotect. After that, the application worked perfectly.

I do not use the e-mail scanning feature, leaving it disabled since I find it to be redundant and a resource hog (autoprotect protects all downloads when opened, and I scan all downloads as well). Since installion using above mentioned procedure everything has worked perfectly, including follow-up updates. I administer 15 machines, 3 of which run Win2K, 6 of which run Win98 (4 FE, 2 SE) and 6 of which run Win95c. All have NAV in some form installed (NAV5, SW2000 or NAV2000). None have had any problems due to the anti-virus programs. They have successfully detected multiple virus and trojans and informed me about those issues. For me, NAV2000 has been a very worthwhile purchase and I recommend it without hesitation.

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