Norton Ghost


Rating: Excellent!


I traded in my second copy of Links 2000 for Norton Ghost. What a great deal that turned out to be! Thanks to the tutorial Using Disk and Partition Imaging Programs by the PC911 Crew, I was ready for the latest hard drive disaster.

Ghost is a program that allows you to make a replica of your partition or hard drive (an image). You can create that image on another hard drive, partition, or removable media. You can use the image to exactly restore a lost or damaged partition or hard drive, or to clone it to another computer. It is fast, easy to use, will allow you to “split” your data to fit onto a Zip disk or CD, and will allow you to restore all or part of an image.

In the last few months my tinkering has led to system failures that required a format and reinstall of Windows 98. I got it down to where I can format and reinstall my key programs in one evening, but it takes about a week to get everything reinstalled and tweaked.

Last week I used Ghost to create an image of my C: drive on another partition. My system crashed last night after installing some Win98 updates; Win98 wouldn’t boot, gave me an “invalid system disk” message.

So, I inserted the Win98 boot disk, then floppy with Ghostpe.exe on it, and in less than five minutes a had a clean and happy C: drive. Fast, easy and effective. I look forward to trying all of its features and capabilities.

Norton Ghost is now listed ahead of Partition Magic on my list of absolutely essential programs.

Submitted by: Old Ray

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