PowerQuest Partition Magic 5

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As anyone who has spent much time in the forum here at PC911 or the Winmag Forum knows, Partition Magic is a must-have utility. Recently, PowerQuest released version 5, and once again the new version shows that PowerQuest listens to their customers. In a lot of ways, PM5 is very similar to PM4. The differences are small, but they are there.

First, for those who don’t know, Partition Magic is a non-destructive partitioning program. What that means is it allows you to change partition size or even eliminate or add partitions without losing your data. Versions 4 and 5 do this from within the Windows interface.

New features include more extensive support for Linux partitions, and a merge feature that allows you to merge partitions into a larger partition (for people who want to convert from multiple FAT partitions to a large FAT32 partition, here is the answer). PM5 also gives you access to scripting functions, for those power users who want to do the same actions to multiple drives (heck of an idea for server setup).

Magic Mover and Drive Mapper as well as PQBoot are still part of the package. The installation procedure is faster then previously and makes no changes in the system files. I uninstalled PM4 and ran SFC prior to installing PM5 (including a reboot) as the ReadMe does indicate there may be an issue with installing over PM4.

Overall, an excellent product in a long line of excellent products.

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