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Spyware is software that in addition to performing the tasks it is supposed to, also secretly collects information about the computer it is installed on and its user, and uses the computer’s Internet connection without the user’s permission or knowledge to “phone home” and send the information gathered to a central location for analysis. Usually this is found in “adware”, meaning software that you can download and use for free because it is supported by displaying advertising while you use it. The only way of guarding your privacy is not to use such software, or to install another piece of software that prevents spyware from phoning home – this is where SpyBlocker 2.0 comes in.

SpyBlocker 2.0 is a program for those of you who don’t want to lose the functionality of your ‘spyware’-containing freeware programs by running a program such as AdAware on them. It does not seek out and identify those programs, but it does take over as a server for the phone-home component of them to keep them from communicating any information back to where they originate – and it replaces any ads they send back to you with a transparent box in place of the ad!

New users of the program should be aware of the fact (noted in the FAQ’s page for SpyBlocker) that this program will insert an empty TimeSink folder in C:\Program Files. The purpose of this non-threatening folder is explained in the FAQ – http://noads.hypermart.net/sbfaq.txt – and in the forum, where SpyBlocker’s author handles all questions relating to the program: http://www.morelerbe.com/cgi-bin/ubb-cgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=forum&f=36&SUBMIT=Go It is the place for your questions and suggestions, and where to find all of the other exciting projects this man is working on! You don’t have to register for the forum, either, further protecting your privacy – but you can still participate.

It takes care of anything by TimeSink/Conducent, Aureate/Radiate,Comet, Web3000 and Cydoor, and it works with IE, NS, AOL and Opera browsers on Windows 95, 98, and ME. It is an evolving program with ever-expanding capabilities and its author is very interested in (and good at) implementing good suggestions for its improvement from program users. There is no registration and it’s free. I recommend this program to everyone, without qualification.

In closing, I’d like to add a quote from Mike, a forum leader from the AdAware forum at the same site: “You have a very fine tool here. I think that some will find misconceptions everywhere. Having good diagnostic tools is great but we need to learn how to use them properly. I can say without any doubt that SpyBlocker is completely clean. As most of you know, I don’t say that lightly. What’s more important, IT WORKS. Keep up the good work.”

This is high praise, indeed – and true.

Submitted by: StevenPeterYevchak

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