SWAT 3 – Close Quarter Battle


Do you like shooters? How about Rainbow Six? Rogue Spear? Then check out SWAT 3 CQB.

SWAT 3 CQB gives you two ways of approaching the game. You can play individual missions, or you can play in “Career” mode. I’ll discuss Career mode (the missions mode is like a fast and easy version with no history). First, you create your character and choose your element. You control one 5 man element (with yourself as the element leader). There are lots of selections here, and it is easy to set someone up which you identify with.

Once you have done that, you go to Metro where alerts come in (btw, there is a history section and training section as well as a shooting house to get yourself all ready to go). When an alert comes in (as soon as the Metro screen comes up), you get the briefing on the situation and mission. Missions vary from Barricaded Suspects, Hostage Situations, and VIP Protection among others. You choose your elements equipment, point of entry and mode of entry (stealth or dynamic). The choices are limited, but very realistic and satisfactory. Then you launch the mission.

You control your teammates and communicate with base using the number pad and a menu which appears on screen (a heads up display). This may sound odd, but it is actually extremely easy to use and intuitive. The missions are fast paced, and you have to react and give directions to the element and the sub-elements as appropriate. Control is more important then letting yourself get involved in the firefight (but you can do that too, if you want).

The only thing I don’t like about it so far is that all the missions seem to be fairly intense, without much of the boredom that realistically occurs (VIP Protection is unlikely to be a running firefight!). On the other hand, it is the intensity of the game which makes it so addictive and exciting. This game isn’t just a shooter. You have to think, lead and act. Yet, no phase overwhelms the others, unlike other games of similar design.

Though similar in some ways to Rainbow Six, it is easier to setup and start missions. The missions are interesting, realistic and vary from pretty easy to tough, really tough. Controls are easy to get used to and the game is fast paced and addictive. One tip, use tear gas, it definitely helps to give you an edge.

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