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My computer is an IBM Aptiva 2158-240, 350MHZ, with an AMD-K6 3D processor with 256MB RAM, running a full install of Windows 98 SE. The installation of ZA Pro went without any glitches. I had only tried the free version of Zone Alarm after reading such great write-ups on it, and am now running ZoneAlarm Pro. Since I am connected to the web all the time via cable modem, I needed some form of firewall protection.

The only two settings that I basically changed was under Security and the Local setting, I raised it to high because of my internet connection. Then I left the check mark out of the box where it will pop up a box telling you when someone is trying to access your computer. I was curious at first but then it really got to be a bother. You’d be surprised as to how many times someone is trying to access your computer. You can click on “More Info” which goes to ZA’s site and find out who exactly it is. Even my ISP @Home was one of them.

The control that you have of what programs have access to the web is great. Some like IE, OE and Norton Antivirus, you want to always allow them to have access. If not, you are clicking the pop-up box every time you start IE or OE. The free ZA has some virus protection to it but the ZA Pro has a lot more. Sometimes it will want to quarantine an email that Norton has let go by. I trust Norton plus I knew who the file was from so I opted to run the file. (Editor’s note: Viruses usually come from people you know. Read our article about virus protection for details)

Like I said before, I really like this program and would recommend it to anyone. Especially anyone being connected all the time to the web.

Have not had any problems with either version. Went to Shields Up and Symantec’s site and checked out how secure my computer was – it passed with flying colors. In fact, on Shields Up, I was told that home computers don’t usually have that much security installed or setup on them. I would recommend either version of ZoneAlarm.

Submitted by: Carol Miller

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