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These guys really know how to kill repeat customers. I was searching for a new video card preferably GeForce2 GTS/Pro series. A friend of mine recommended AccessMicro. I went to their web site and it definitely presented itself as a good place to shop around, and had some good prices. The website was easy to navigate and the prices and selection beat the site i was currently shopping on, so I decided to order from AccessMicro.

After placing my order, I received all the usual notification email. Then the next day I received another email saying that my order had been stopped due to the shipping address that my bank had was different than the one i had given them – WRONG ANSWER, i checked.

I made the mistake of calling them, and waited about an hour to get ahold of someone. The representative who finally answered my call told me that it happens all the time (first warning), and that she would push the order through. “OK, thank you”, I told her, and felt better.

The next day I went online and checked the order status on their site – same “status pending”. I jumped back on the phone and waited another hour (played thru one whole level of Deus Ex while waiting). This time the same person told me that she had fixed it and that the site seldom gets updated (second warning). She told me that it got ordered and should be there within a day and that i should get an email with the trackingg number and all the info for the order. Cool. The little man wins one.

The next day no email, no tracking number to tell me a schedule to work my day around the hardware getting to the homestead so i would be there. I was on the phone for forty five minutes before they graced me with a voice – that told me to hold. He came back ten minutes later and I told him what was going on. He told me that I should have received an email with a trackingg number and said that the website very seldomly gets updated. Hmmmmmm. You guessed it – third warning. So the guy checked the computer and gave me the trackingg number.

I jumped right online to check, feeling that I had accomplished something for the day and entered the trackingg number. “The trackingg number you have entered is not valid”. I yelled so loud the neighbors (who live a mile away) came over to see if I had been murdered. A day later I thought i would try one more time, and the trackingg number finally worked. I was enthralled, it was on its way.

Seven days after I ordered the card and a lot of paranoid crap (granted, mostly caused by myself, but who wouldn’t be paranoid with the whereabouts of $160.00), I got the darn thing.

I would have to say I’m going back to mwave.com. You may pay a few bucks more, but you get better service and your order gets there in three days – no ifs, ands, or buts.

Submitted by: spidrman64

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