Date: December 16th, 2001

URL: http://www.i4digital.com/

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Rating: Forget about it


This place really sucks, big time.

First of all, when my order was taken, they continually interrupted me, putting me on hold several times. When asked for the price of the item I ordered off their website, I was told that the listed price was no longer available. Then they offered a higher price camera kit to me (for the higher price, take note.) I told them I was not interested in the substitute item. They magically found my original ordered item for the price listed on the website. Hmmm.

After that, they said that they could not sell it to me, however, for that price without my ordering added items. Since these were items I needed anyway, I agreed to purchase them. When I asked the salesman’s name, he was reluctant to give it to me. I asked then when I could expect the order to arrive. He replied two to three days. I waited two weeks and still no shipment arrived. I then called customer service only to be told my shipment was being held at the airport by airport security. I called again the next day to be told that my order could not be found anywhere. Therefore, would I like to purchase another camera (a higher priced one, of course)?

At this point, I was getting very aggravated with them. I began to smell a rat. I told them to cancel my order to which they replied that my order had already been shipped. Therefore they could not cancel it. I asked for a tracking number. They told me to call back after 7 p.m. that night. I called at 7 p.m.. They were closed.

At that point, I notified my bank and cancelled the transaction. Do not be fooled by their professional looking website. They are crooks!

Submitted by: Dean Sparks

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