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Rating: Forget about it


I’ve been trying to buy the Olympus C-3043 digital camera for a week now. I found a good price at “Regency Camera” and decided to buy from them – BIG MISTAKE!

First I had to go through their phone answering system, then I was sent from person to person (a total of 5 people!) which all were very rude. After I told the salesman what I wanted and gave all my information, he told me the item I wanted was out of stock, but there was the same model I could buy that came with a 1 year warranty for an extra $100.00. Well I told him I would take it, gave him my credit card info, got an order number and hung up.

Well, 3 days later there was still no charge on my credit card, so I called. I was passed around to 7 people this time. No one had any clue about my order or the order number. Finally I was told that the camera was backordered for 3 to 4 weeks!

Needless to say I’ll never visit that site again. They’re totally clueless, I don’t see how they stay in business.

The web site itself was OK. It’s just after the order where they get you. Prices are fairly in line with similar sites.

Submitted by: Dave Kelly

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