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Rating: Forget about it


I decided to purchase a particular model of a JVC camcorder. I visited to search for the best price as I always do. RegencyCamera had one of the cheapest listings. So I decided to call them to place an order as I knew everything about the camcorder. I called them up and asked for price and availibility. The price mentioned was much higher the the one listed on the web site. I asked very politely if it is possible to purchase a camcorder at the listed price on The sales person began laughing and hung up on me.

I called them back. I explained what happened to the other sales person and asked to transfer me to the supervisor. He transfered me to the same guy I was talking to. I started to talk to him and he hung up the phone again. I have never ever talked to anyone so rude in my entire life. They are being unbelivable rude to their customers and they are posting false prices on the price comparison websites.

My advice: Never buy from them unless you have money to burn!

Submitted by: Joseph

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