Date: December 7th, 2001


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Rating: Forget about it


These guys are crap. They lie, tell me it is in stock when it is not. When I called to inquire after two weeks, they told me the item is on backorder for 2-3 more weeks. I spoke to the supervisor who was rude as well. Talked to the sales manager who was rude and told me the problem was on my end after I told him that they told me it was in stock and that it would be two weeks, and now two weeks later it is out of stock. He hung up on me.

Spoke to the sales manager’s superior who told me they don’t lie to customers, but was silent and ignored me when I asked why I was told it was in stock when it wasn’t. He finally told me that he had customers that needed attention and to call him after hours.

Only reasonable thing is they don’t charge your account until they ship it. But they SUCK big time.

Submitted by: John Yager

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