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Selecting a Proper Password

How secure are the user names and passwords you have selected? In this article we will outline a few things to consider when selecting passwords for computer or online accounts.

Here are a few guidlines to consider.

Do NOT use the same password for multiple accounts. Ideally you should not use the same user name or password for any account.

Use long passwords which employ at least eight characters with a combination of numbers as well as lower and uppercase letters.

Often hackers use utilities designed to randomly generate letters and numbers. These utilities try different combinations of letters and numbers and will attempt to randomly guess passwords in multiple attempts over a selected time period until the password and user name are found.

Do not use common names such as titles, well known names or nicknames. This includes the names of your children, pets or the model of your vehicle.

The biggest mistake I see is people using default passwords such as “password”. If your account has a default password change it immediately.

When selecting numbers to use do not select birthdays, social security numbers or any easy to remember number that may be associated to you.

The best practice would be to randomly generate unique user name and passwords. There are many programs available which can generate and store user names and passwords, and then store this information in a password protected database. Once again if you use these types of software be sure to make your initial password at least eight characters with upper and lower case lettering and include numbers.

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