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Should you perform regular maintenance on the Windows registry?

Over time the “registry” in which Windows and other applications store information can begin to hold data that is no longer valid. Such information links to a location where there was a file or program, but the file has been moved or the program uninstalled.

Often such invalid links occur because uninstalled programs do not completely remove their registry entries. Whether the uninstall process fails or the uninstaller does not correctly remove all the entries. This can occur due to programs not being correctly uninstalled by the user or a user views a file attached to an email without saving them to disk first, or applications have been relocated without uninstalling and reinstalling them. A registry cleaner utility can come in handy to make this easy.

This invalid data eventually begins to clutter the system registry, slowing Windows down and causing other possible problems.

The Windows registry is simply a database which contains information on the Windows operating system and third party applications. This information is read at start up and includes system variables which tell Windows exactly how to operate. If this information is corrupted you will notice performance issues and can experience system error messages such as but not limited to runtime, script and start up errors.

It is recommended to perform routine maintenance to the Windows registry to maintain optimal performance. There are many products which can aid in the maintenance of the Windows registry. These utilities will aid in grooming the registry. This can be particularly helpful if you are not a certified technician. Even Microsoft states when editing the registry that making an error while editing it can disable your Windows operating system. Running such programs at least twice a month is recommended. If you routinely make changes to your system a more frequent schedule is recommended.

There are several registry cleaners on the market but only one that guarantees their software will fix your computer problems or their tech support will as long as your membership is valid.

I do recommended reviewing any Microsoft documentation on the Windows registry for your particular operating system version if you plan to manually edit any entries. These articles can be informative and give a better understanding of how the registry works. For information on your particular version of Windows please visit the Microsoft knowledge base at www.microsoft.com

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Phil says

The registry is very complicated. I tried the program you refenced. It cured my problems with startup errors. Thank you for the information.

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