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Speech Recognition Software for Vista

As we all know speech recognition is not new to the Windows OS. The main issues I have found with speech recognition is most of the time even after you have trained your computer through the step by step process it still doesn’t work that well.

I have spent hours trying to get this feature to work properly, and some times it does. Unfortunately most of the time it isn’t accurate or efficient enough to warrant it’s use. I’m sure many of you have used it as I have only to find out it’s faster just to type the information.

With the release of Vista the speech recognition software is at least supposed to be much more efficient and accurate….Like thathasn’tbeen said before….. right?

Well I have used this feature in Vista and I would say it works much better than previous versions. Of course it still translates inaccurate information from time to time. I actually used the software to compose this blog entrywith pleasing results, as there weren’t too many edits that had to be made….Thank goodness for spell check.

For anyone who uses this feature; you will notice improvements, but there is still work to be done before we have hands free computing.

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Krystal says

Cool to hear that something of Vista works better than that of XP. Still hasn’t convinced me to upgrade yet…

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