How This Site Works

PC911 is completely free. There is no charge for any of the content, nobody sells any e-mail addresses or reader information, nobody makes any money off of this site. I maintain the site because it’s fun and I enjoy helping the readers and sharing my knowledge. Simple as that.

However, there is a monthly cost involved in maintaining the site. I rent a dedicated server at a professional web hosting company. This service currently costs me about $200 per month. For that I get a powerful server, lots of bandwidth, reliable hosting, 24/7 support, a fast connection to the Internet, etc. As a result, this site is running very reliable and has had no unplanned downtime for several years now.

How The Bill Gets Paid

Previously I paid for the web hosting from the revenue made from banner advertising on the site. Unfortunately the main sponsor, Maximum PC, shut down its affiliate program, and I no longer have regular ad revenue to rely on. We do hope to try Chitika, supposedly the best affiliate program around. But, we won’t have results on how that has performed for a while.

There are several existing affiliations with vendors that I support. You will see their banners at different spots on the site. The way it works is that you click on a banner to go to the vendor’s site, purchase something, and PC911 will receive a small percentage as commission. Both parties benefit: You end up with a good quality product that PC911 is comfortable to endorse, and PC911 receives revenue to help maintain the site.

How You Can Help – Donate now via paypal below

Note: PC911 is not a non profit organization, therefore donations are not automatically tax deductible! However, your contribution may be deductible as a business expense if you are using technical information from this site to repair or maintain computers in your business. Please check with your accountant for details.

Your Support Is Important

With your contribution you ensure that PC911 can continue to be your computer help site of choice. PC911 is very proud to have such a loyal audience, and hope that you decide to contribute. A small click for you – but a big help to computer users around the world!

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