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Symantec Incident Update

I previously reported on an incident where an automatic update provided by Symantec for their Norton Antivirus program identified two system files in the Simplified Chinese edition of Windows XP as malware, and quarantined them.

Symantec decided to provide free upgrades of their software to the affected users. Of course I would always be weary of accepting a free software license for a program title which already compromised my system. Symantec did not see it my way though.

Symantec’s upgrade offer was widely criticized by the Chinese press when it was first announced.

As of late Symantec has declared the compensation offer a success, but they declined to identify how many users had accepted their offer. Considering they only offered the compensation for two and a half weeks starting from June 27 .

Symantec has extended its offer for individuals who could not or did not access the upgrade. Of course this offer is on an individual basis. Each incident must be reviewed and approved to extend the upgrade offer.”After this date anyone who missed the registration date should contact Symantec Customer Support or email symantec.authorised.support.cn@clts.com and we will give consideration to extending the date for that individual customer.”

Considering it was their blunder from the beginning I would think they would bend over backwards to satisfy the affected customers. At least thats what I would do.

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